The House Rules

Some character generation house rules below. Once again if you read through the Darwin’s World PG and find things you want to change chime in. If you don’t like what I have suggested below by all means speak up as I would like the setting to be joint-developed to encourage other Gm’s to play there

Changes to the Savage Worlds Character Generation

Also be sure to review the Darwin’s World Players Guide as it modifies what is allowed from the generic core.

A change to page 6. The maximum is now a d10 rather than a d12

Every character starts with a d4 in each
attribute, and has 5 points with which to raise
them. Raising a d4 to a d6, for example,
costs 1 point. You’re free to spend these
points however you want with one exception:
no attribute may be raised above a d12 d10.

A change to page 26. Two fisted applies only to melee weapons and reduces the multi-action penalty for those attacks to -1.

Requirements: Novice, Agility d8+
A Two-Fisted hero isn’t ambidextrous—he’s
simply learned to fight with two melee weapons (or
both fists) at once. When attacking with a
weapon in each hand, he rolls each attack
separately but ignores reduces the multi-action
penalty to -1

Changes to the Darwin’s World Player Guide

Pure humans are not as rare as implied for PC’s

By popular decree robots and advanced energy weapons will be rarer than is implied in the default.

All psionic powers are considered off-limits at this time for PCs, as always talk to me if you have a cool concept.

These are mutations I found too superhero-esque or powerful and would like to remove, discuss and let me know what you think or if any of these were ones you had your heart set on:









Changes to Equipment in the Darwin’s World Players Guide

The following additional weapon is available:

Black Poweder Blunderbuss: Type-special shotgun, Rng-5/10/20, dmg: 1-3d6, cost: 325cp, wt: 10lb, ammo: 1, int str min: d6, notes: 2 actions to reload, ammo can consist of any type of metallic or stone debris that can be stuffed down the barrel.

The following changes have been made to p.60

This grotesque mixture of ingredients is used to cleanse the system of a patient. When drunk, the potion automatically purges any ingested poisons in the drinker’s system. After the purge, the imbiber gains one Fatigue level that lasts for 4 hours.

For your approval here is what I am thinking with item availability:

WHAT CAN AND CAN’T BE BOUGHTWhen all is said and done, it’s really up to the GM to determine what items can and cannot be bought. In general, it is suggested that firearms (but not primitive black powder weapons), energy weapons, and advanced armor types be out of reach. They are far too precious for most communities to even consider trading. Automatic weapons may be made available to certain characters whose origins are suggestive of a more advanced culture or military organization.

Many other artifacts will be hoarded as precious reminders of man’s glory – as a result, even something as useless as a TV set’s remote control will probably not be for sale. Only common things such as food, basic clothing, and post-war survival gear (sun hats, canvas bags, etc) will be available in the typical market.

The exception to this rule is in the case of a campaign that uses a detailed trade settlement as its base. It is useful to keep a list of things characters have sold off at markets. If characters die off, a new party may come to the same market and find these things still for sale. Then again, even if the party lives, it may need to buy those items back for some unforeseen reason. In this manner the GM can create a market with real items of value for sale, not just “common goods”, with a widely fluctuating stock.

I would add livestock to this as being available for trade but not working motor vehicles.

*Reloading Ranged Weapons *
(These clarifications apply to those weapons listed under “Ranged Weapons” specifically; reloadable “Special Weapons” are described afterwards.)

Ranged Weapons with a listed Reload time work as stated to reload a single shot.

Reloading a single shot of ammunition in any other weapon is a free action.

If the ammunition is particularly small (like a bullet) or the weapon a bit tricky to reload, the GM may require an Agility roll to reload the weapon though it still remains a free action. Loading a bow is generally a free action with no Agility roll (unless the character is in some awkward position).

If a character wants to reload more than one shot in a weapon (and the weapon allows it) or just take their time to reload, they may reload up to a number of shots equal to half their Agility as a normal action. If the weapon is extremely unwieldy or difficult to load, the GM may require an Agility roll to successfully load the shots. Failure means no shots are reloaded.

Some weapons use replaceable magazines for ammunition. One magazine can be fully replaced with another as a normal action. Some revolvers can make use of speedloaders that work the same way.

Reloading Special Weapons
Special Weapons with a listed method of reloading work as stated. Single use Special Weapons (such as grenades) require readying to use (page 63 of SWEX).

Rocket Launchers require one action get a new rocket (a free action if the character has Quick Draw) and one action to reload. A second person with a rocket in hand can reload in one action. The Panzerfaust, M72 LAW, and AT-4 are all single use weapons and cannot be reloaded.

Flamethrowers use about 5 lbs. of fuel per shot. The amount held in a fuel tank varies according to the specific style (30 to 50 lbs. is common). Fuel tanks typically have to be taken off, unsealed, and resealed after fueling; each of these takes a separate action. It takes a further action per 5 lbs. of fuel refilled in the tank.

The House Rules

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