Really Really Old Bartender

Bartender at the Sokoro Watering Hole


The Really Really Old Bartender never gave his name, and the party didn’t ask. He appeared in first in episode00.

When the party first met him, he was tending bar at The Watering Hole in Sokoro and his 14th wife had recently died. Apparently they have trouble keeping up with him and he expected to get “another fresh young thing” in the spring.

He is probably human, of dubious hygene and seems rather spry for somebody who looks like he does. The party couldn’t tell if he was actually really really old, if he just had a very hard life or if he had some genetic defect caused him to look like that, and the party didn’t ask.

The Really Really Old bartender speaks Unislang, but not very well.

Really Really Old Bartender

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