Jael Exlibris

1st Gen Mutant - Academic


Character Info:
Visionary Reinventor
1st Gen Mutant:
Major Mutation: (I get one)
- Increased Movement

Minor Mutations: (I get two)
- Abnormal Joint Flexibility
- Sensitive Sight

Major Hindrance:
- Albino

Light Undercover Shirt
Bag of Sling Stones
Basic Clothing
Shoulder Bag
Flint and Steel
1 Jug of Vodka
1/2 – Required herbs and such to make a Juju Medicine Kit
4 CP

Artifact Cashe:
Yellow ID Card, Rank: Stage II-C, Notes: Technician’s access card, Access: I-C, Repair/disable -6
1 – ready syringe
2 – Rad Purge Shot

Character Sheet


Ada was born and raised in a settlement that separated from a Vault so that they could create and trade for resources without giving away the location of said vault. Her last name signifies that she was from a family who’s members tended to specialize in being librarians. She knows that there is a community living in the remnants of a Fallout Shelter somewhere, but only a few people in her village knew where it was and she was not one of them.

A series of disasters (poor crop, illness and Raider Attacks) lead to the settlement being wiped out and her being sold as a slave. Luckily, since she was from “the smart people” the tribe she was sold to didn’t use her as furniture, instead they consulted her on when to plant, how to make their food safer, attending the sick… ext. She escaped and there is a small, but not insignificant, bounty out for her return. (Are the people who offered it still alive? Do they still actually have that money? Maybe, maybe not.) There may also a few people who believe she knows where the Fallout Shelter is or that she somehow holds the knowledge or key to accessing it. Ada doesn’t know anything of the sort, or if she does it’s not something she was ever told outright.

Jael Exlibris

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